Psychotherapy  & Naturopathic Services in Etobicoke

Psychological Assessments

At Balanced Mind and Wellness Inc., we also provide assessment services. A psychological assessment evaluates thinking, learning and behaviour. The assessment may include interviews, observation, testing and consultation with other professionals involved in your/ your child’s care. The assessment covers many skill areas, such as general intellectual level, language, memory and learning, problem solving, planning and organization, fine motor skills, visual spatial skills, and academic skills. It also includes an examination of behaviour and emotions.

An Etobicoke psychologist can provide a comprehensive range of assessment services including: an educational assessment for a learning disability, behaviour assessments, social development, emotional development, or Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) assessments. A gifted assessment can identify strong intellectual abilities that meet the criteria for special education. A psychologist at our offices can complete a psychological assessment, and all assessments are covered by your workplace benefits or insurance plans.

Psychological Assessments are a structured evaluation of one’s psychological development. It is a thorough assessment of your or your child’s intellectual, social and emotional development. If a parent is concerned that their child is developing differently than other children, a developmental assessment can determine the child’s intellectual strengths and limitations. A developmental assessment can diagnose autism, Asperger’s and/or developmental delay. A psychological assessment can help to determine social, emotional, and behavioural potential with treatment as well.

Behaviour Assessment: Etobicoke psychologists can help understand how you or your child’s behaviour may be impeding their academic or career performance, social functioning, and emotional functioning. A psychological assessment can determine whether you or your child is struggling with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or other socioemotional problems that impact school/work life, relationships, and/or daily functioning. A behavioural assessment can answer questions about your or your child’s behaviour and make realistic recommendations for treatment.

Motor Vehicle Accident Assessment or MVA Assessment: An MVA assessment investigates the existence, nature and degree of psychological dysfunction that may have resulted directly or indirectly from an individual’s car accident. An MVA assessment could provide feedback regarding your or your child’s present emotional status as well as treatment recommendations, should they be necessary, that might assist in implementing basic emotional, social, intellectual, or motor skill functioning. We provide Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy to address emotional distress and other identified impairments after a motor vehicle accident. These therapies can be helpful in treating and/or preventing any PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms that may arise after the accident or MVA.

Educational Assessments: Toronto psychologists offer educational assessments to elementary, high school, college, university and graduate students. An educational assessment completed by a registered psychologist or psychological associate will determine your or your child’s need and level of skills and abilities. Adults who remember learning problems or would like a re-assessment can also benefit from an educational assessment to enter college or university level courses (or standardized tests), in order to have special accommodations for examinations.

Please call 647-961-9669 or email to discuss arranging a general clinical, psycho-educational (school-related), psycho-vocational (career-related), and Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) assessments.