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anger management counselling

Anger Management Counselling

Anger management counselling helps individuals to recognize what makes them angry, to get individuals to ask themselves questions about their anger, and to teach them how best to respond to these triggers without being aggressive. Anger management also helps identify times when your thoughts do not lead to logical or rational conclusions, to change how you think and react to certain situations. In addition, anger management therapy teaches you how to relax, and how to stay calm and peaceful when you feel a surge of angry. Further, learning the difference between effective assertiveness and ineffective anger is important in anger management.

Your first session involves initial assessment of your well being and a thorough intake of your personal history and background. Subsequent therapy sessions are 50 minutes in length, and are unique to each individual treatment plan.

What is Anger?

Anger is often characterized by strong feelings of annoyance, dislike, and hostility. Feelings of anger can range from mild irritation to intense rage. It is important to know when you are angry. Often, anger is a reaction to a perceived threat to ourselves, our property, or others around us.


Possible physical signs of anger include:

– Fidgeting with fingers or touching face repeatedly

– Tightly clasping one hand with the other, or making clenched fists

– Clenching of the jaw or grinding teeth

– Shallow breathing

– Increased heart rate

– Sweaty palms

– Trembling lips/ hands

– Pacing

– Suddenly rude/ loss of sense of humour

– Raising one’s voice

– Developing cravings for harmful substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, junk food)


Possible emotional symptoms of anger:

– A desire to escape a situation

– Feeling sad or depressed

– Feeling irritated

– Feeling guilty or resentful

– Feeling anxious

– A desire to lash out verbally or physically


Anger Management Counselling in Mississauga

Services offered at Balanced Mind and Wellness Inc. include: anger management therapy, counselling for anger management, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).