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Managing Anxieties and Worries

We all worry about how to manage anxieties and worries. Many are distraught from others around us: their struggles and tragedies. With increasing difficulties in finding jobs, entering school programs, and managing relationships, stress is ever-present. But are we equipped to deal with it effectively?

Constant worries and concerns about those around us are becoming more apparent. Understanding and controlling these worries are important so that they do not impede on our thoughts and affect our behaviours. When anxieties form, they can become a vicious cycle of worries – one leads to another, and so on. Uncontrollable worrying is a distressing affliction that feels as though it can become an inseparable part of your personality and character. Chronic worrying is often driven by a need to worry to “make sure things will all be OK”. This will affect your mood, and consequently, will have detrimental effects on your relationships, your work life, and your social life. 

When you catch yourself worrying, focus on problem-solving. Make use of your worry, because it  has a purpose… it is not useless. Continuing a worry and letting it spiral out of control will lead to less solutions. It’s important not to focus on what may or may not happen. Uncertainty is okay and should be accepted. Unexpected things happen, and accepting this in the longer term will make your life easier and reduce your anxieties.


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