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New Year: A Recipe for Success 

As we continue our path into 2024, many of us set the year’s intentions, goals and resolutions. Some may be setting defined work goals, others may be related to family planning, organizing a trip, or enrolling in that class you have always wanted to take. Regardless of the plan (or lackthereof), many people have thought of how they would like the year to go, and yet understandably, feel overwhelmed with how to approach it.



When we set goals, this can bring validation and confidence. It may feel uncomfortable to cheer yourself on or to share wins with others. Tracking and acknowledging your wins, at any size, has been shown to help increase motivation and boost self-confidence and performance (Amabile, 2011).

Everyone is going to experience good days and bad days. And often, those bad days occur because of a setback. Acknowledging the successes and progress emphasizes how good it can feel to accomplish something and boost positive feelings. It can also reduce a lot of stress we feel with the impending year ahead.


So, how can you celebrate and acknowledge success? Using a journal to write down daily, weekly or monthly successes – this will help you to visualize your wins. Telling people about them allows for a support system to cheer you on alongside you.

Rewarding yourself with something can elicit emotions, and help to show that your efforts produce good feelings. A reward could be just a fancy coffee or something small – it does not have to be large or expensive.  

Whatever you choose to celebrate or acknowledge, ensure it is meaningful to you and that you are passionate about it. Working with a therapist can also help you to identify goals that are unique to you.


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