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What is anxiety? What is anxiety counselling?

Anxiety is the feeling we get when our body responds to a frightening or threatening experience. It has been called the fight or flight response. It is simply your body preparing for action either to fight danger or run away from it as fast as possible. At this point, you probably notice different sensations in your body. The purpose of the physical symptoms of anxiety is to prepare your body to cope with threat. To understand what is happening in your body, imagine that you are about to be attacked. As soon as you are aware of the threat, your muscles tense so they are ready for action. Your heard beats faster to carry blood to your muscles and brain, where it is most needed. You breathe faster to provide oxygen that is needed for energy. You sweat to stop your body overheating. Your mouth becomes dry and your stomach may have butterflies. Unfortunately many of the stresses we face cannot be fought or run away from, so the symptoms do not help or make us feel better. In fact they often make us feel worse, especially if we don’t understand them.

What causes anxiety? 
There are many reasons why someone becomes anxious.

– Some people may have an anxious personality and have learned to worry.

– Others may have a series of stressful life events to cope with.

– Others may be under pressure, at school or at home.

What keeps anxiety going?
Thoughts (something awful is going to happen to me) -> Feeling anxious -> Feel bodily symptoms -> Feeling anxious

Anxiety can be very manageable. There are many ways to cope with anxiety when it is often persistent and invasive in your life. As long as you dedicate time to teaching yourself, there are techniques that you are able to learn and use to get past this unbearable feeling.

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