Psychotherapy  & Naturopathic Services in Etobicoke

When should I see a therapist?

Are you concerned about a feeling, behaviour, or something/ someone in your life?

Has this concern or feeling been getting worse in the past few weeks?

Have you tried stopping or reducing this negative aspect of your life or feeling on your own?

Have your attempts at stopping or reducing this negative aspect or feeling been unsuccessful?

Have you relied on friends, family, or others to help you with current troubles?

Are you finding it more difficult to cope with things than usual?

Are you having trouble concentrating at work or school?

Do you think things through or talk about things that bother you?

If you feel concerned or have answered yes to the above questions, seeing a psychotherapist for an initial consult may be very helpful, relieve stress, and provide some answers to your current troubles. I can help you understand and guide you through a/ some issue(s) you may or may not be aware of from the past and/ or present.

 Please contact me for further information or for an initial psychotherapy consultation. (647-961-9669 or